Daryl Maksymec

Daryl Maksymec

Daryl Maksymec knows what it takes to put together a winning team and chart the best course. His extensive management experience, paired with his in-depth knowledge of information technology, makes Daryl a leader who not only excels at guiding his staff through complex projects but also understands any technical aspects inside and out.

Daryl founded his first company in 1993, a full-service multimedia firm with a client list that included the City of Regina, Samuel L. Jackson, Imperial Oil, and CBC Television. In 1998, his work for the PGA Tour earned him the Forbes Best of the Web Award. The year 2001 saw the birth and subsequent growth of two companies; SidePix, a web design and marketing firm specializing in the financial and insurance sectors, and CanEquity, Canada’s largest mortgage broker website. Since then, he’s added to the roster with superbrokers.ca, pixeltribe.com and software development company Colloco Enterprises.

As a well-respected digital pioneer and diversified software and web developer with in-depth knowledge of business development, online strategy and partnerships, Daryl is uniquely poised to lead Fairway into the digital future and beyond. 

E-mail: daryl.maksymec@lotusincome.com

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